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Media O' the Week

I got Power Chords by Mike Krol on CD a few months ago, but I put off listening to it until very recently. I have NO IDEA why I did that because this is such a good album!

I'm a really big fan of his debut EP(I acutally just learned it was an EP and not an album lol), I Hate Jazz. The problem I had with it though is that it was super short! It contains only eight songs, and each song is usually less than 2:30(Ooh, how very punk). Power Chords scratched my itch and gives you a bigger, better, and longer glimpse inside Mike Krol's highschool-love and garage band infested mind.

A lot of music that deals with nostalgia tend to be sad and at worst sappy. Power Chords bends this trend and and instead throws you directly into your mother's car going 90mph that your friend since grade-school is driving. The warm, fuzzy guitars and vocals used on every track never get old.

I recommend this album to any old fan of I Hate Jazz or Scott Pilgrim's Sex Bomb-Omb. You're in for a real treat!

A drawing of four identical looking people wearing yellow hardhats and vests that say 'Hash Mash' on the back building a wall labeled 'Website'. Two of them are attaching bricks to the wall that are labeled 'Crap'.


Please note that

  1. This website is under construction. Links may not work and pages will be unfinished
  2. I know there's not a lot of content right now. If you're interested in what I'm working on, please follow me to see regular updates!
  3. This website is TECHNICALLY useable on a smart-phone. However, you're going to get the best experience on a computer/laptop.


Here's what I'm working on right now to make your experience better >:-)

  • Make a better favicon for the website to improve my cool-crisp style.
  • Finish the "About Me" section of the website.
  • Get some images on here!
  • Make sick graphics for stuff like buttons... and stuff.
  • Make a gallery for graphics I've saved and my art

Something to Pass the Time...

Let me tell you a story about Morchey. Morchey is a very nice cow who lived on a very nice farm. Morchey has never gotten into an argument about politics, and always lets someone else pick the movie to watch. Isn't Morchey a nice cow? He must have some good things coming his way. If you want to send a letter to Morchey, write to Cell 14, Sullivan's Maximum Security Prison, 155 Franklin Road, Bellydale, New York.


  • 3/1/2024 Hi. I'm alive!!! I honestly don't know what I've been doing the past two months but I got rid of that ugly border around the navbar. Might do some stuff with the font there too becuase I think it's ugly too.
  • 12/24/2023 New journal post! No new media of the week though. Honestly don't know what to replace the Doopees with LOL.
  • 10/24/2023 Centering the navigation bar(hopefully) and adding new graphics to the homepage!
  • 10/12/2023: I'm trying something new on the diagram in the "About Me" page.
  • 10/3/2023: First post to the Journals was made!
  • 9/22/2023: Fingers crossed, I fixed the Media of the Week.
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